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599 VALENTINE : Rose Heart Applique
599 VALENTINE : Rose Heart Applique
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1 x 1 PTA : Made To Order With Own Name Applique 6x10
2 x Mermaids (A22) Mermaid Applique 5x7
1 x Apples (A12) Teacher Apple Applique 5x7
1 x Birth Sayings (1278) Birth Saying Made To Order 4x4
1 x 1 Coordinates : Home MTO
1 x Alice (A69) Watch Applique 6x10
1 x Apples (A3) Apple and Bones Applique 6x10
1 x Crosses (A21) Applique 4x4
1 x Butterfly Kisses (A8) Butterfly Applique 5x7
1 x Chinese Dragon (A4) Applique 5x7
1 x Skulls (A24) Girl Applique 6x10
1 x Faces (A19) Boy Singer Face 4x4
1 x Tractors (A30) Pumpkin Tractor Applique 4x4
1 x 1 Famous People : Famous Couples Add Your Names 6x10
1 x Carnival (A17) Ticket Applique 5x7
1 x Babies Stuff (A11) Pacifier / Dummy 4x4
1 x Birth Sayings (1272) Birth Saying Made To Order 4x4
1 x 1 Twirling Names : Monogram Made To Order 5x7
1 x 18 Superhero : Bear Superhero MTO
1 x Cards (A1) Ace of Spades Applique 6x10
1 x Babies Stuff (A21) Pacifer / Dummy Applique 5x7
1 x Fonts (A1) Patch Applique 4x4 5x7 6x10
1 x Sea Life (A6) Fishing Lure Applique 5x7
1 x 2 Family Tree : Add Your Own Names 6x10
1 x Dolly Girls (A3) Applique 6x10
1 x 10226 Custom : Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick MTO
1 x fairytale (A25) Fairy Applique 5x7
1 x Rock N Roll (A2) Fairy Applique 5x7
1 x 6 Family : Made To Order
1 x Bee (A1) Applique 6x10
1 x Sayings (A1220) I Love Drummers 5x7
1 x Bubblegum (A1) Girl Blowing Bubble Applique 6x10
1 x 1 Caslon Circle Monogram : Made To Order With Name 5x7
1 x Birds (A13) Applique 6x10
1 x Apples (A6) Apples in Basket Applique 6x10
1 x Mermaids (A28) Mermaid Applique 6x10
1 x 115 Snowflakes : Snowflake Monogram MTO
1 x Cards (A9) Ace & Jack of Spades Applique Applique 5x7
1 x Mermaids (A14) Mermaid Applique 6x10
1 x Beanstalk (A1) Jack Applique 6x10
1 x Animals (A27) Dog & Bear Applique 5x7
1 x Abbey (A6) Wings 5x7 Applique
1 x Bubblegum (A2) Girl Blowing Bubble Applique 5x7
1 x Idaliacouture (A12) Mushroom Applique 5x7
1 x 204 Family Block : Made To Order
1 x 1 Drop Shadow Names : MTO
1 x Wonderland (A3) Ace of Hearts Applique 6x10
1 x Flamingo (A5) Girl Flamingo Applique 6x10
1 x 3 Tree : Family Tree Established MTO
1 x Idaliacouture (A4) Pig & Frog Applique 5x7
1 x Cowboy (A1) Cowboy Hat Applique 6x10
1 x Circus (A4) Tight Rope Walker Applique 6x10
1 x Artist (A4) Monkey Artist Applique 5x7
1 x Mermaids (A33) Mermaid Applique 5x7
1 x Frog & Pond (A2) Gator Applique 6x10
1 x Ladybuggy (A11) Ladybug Applique 4x4
1 x Aubrey (A2) Girl Applique 5x7
1 x Bee (A2) Applique 5x7
1 x Valentine (A101) Winged Heart Applique 6x10
1 x Rudolph (A17) Doll Applique 6x10
1 x Patriotic (A17) USA Boy Applique 5x7
Quant. Disc.: -28.12p
01.Birth Sayings (1811) Birth Saying Made To Order 4x4, 5x7 or 6x10
02.Birthday (145) Its my 1/2 Birthday Cupcake Applique 5x7
03.Sayings (2177) Birth Saying Made To Order
04.Sayings (1606) Gonna Be Big Sister Applique 5x7
05.137 Baseball : Baseball Mom Applique 6x10
06.Birthday (87) 1 Love Bug Ladybug Applique 5x7
07.Birth Sayings (1642) Birth Saying Made To Order 5x7 or 6x10
08.Sayings (3929) After Every Storm There is a Rainbow 5x7
09.5557 Sayings : I Aint No Yuppie Girl Jack 5x7
10.Sayings (A1162) Steal Me Applique 5x7
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1 Maps : USA with Heart in your own chosen States MTO
Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. It stitched out bea ..
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